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AI Use Case

Identify new therapeutic uses for existing drugs

Identify drug compounds with current regulatory approval which could be used in new ways to treat other conditions. Machine learning assists by searching through existing research literature for known and inferred relationships


R And D

Core Research And Development


Revenue - New product,Risk reduction - Patient outcomes

Case Studies

Pfizer~Pfizer identifies new potential cancer treatments using IBM Watson,GlaxoSmithKline~GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plans to accelerate drug discovery as well as new applications for existing drugs using machine learning,GlaxoSmithKline~GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plans to reduce drug discovery to trial time from six years to 12 months using machine learning models to predict molecular behaviour

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson,Exscientia



Pharmaceuticals And Biotech

Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Traditional AI,Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation,ML Task - Prediction - Regression

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