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AI Use Case

Map physical behaviour and interaction across the organisation to Improve team productivity

Collect and measure physical behaviour how people moved through the day, who they interacted with, what their tone of voice was like, if they leaned into listen and other types of interactions that happen at every company every day. Use this to determine whether there are opportunities to improve team productivity.


Human Resources

Employee Relations


Operational - Staff development,Other - Reduce unconscious bias

Case Studies

Bank of America~Bank of America improved call centre completion time by 23% by tracking and analysing behavioural data with machine learning that identified employee performance increases when they network and share ideas,Humanyze~Tech company client increases revenue by $22m due to team productivity improvements generated by analysis of corporate communication data

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Speech - Voice to text,Product - Data Capture - Bio Sensor

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