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AI Use Case

Monitor staff alertness levels to ensure safety and productivity

Use real time sensors and data tracking to monitor staff presence and alertness (e.g. are they falling asleep on the job) to ensure maximum productivity and reduce risk (of process and output). Will also likely be used as an input to staff assessment, health and safety planning and overall workforce planning.


Human Resources

Health And Safety


Operational - Lower error rates,Risk reduction - Reduce environmental physical risk

Case Studies

BBMV ~BBMV reduced construction worker fatigue and impairment time while on duty by 24% with sleep monitoring devices,Rio Tinto~Rio Tinto machinery operators wear SmartCaps to detect dangerous levels of fatique by applying neural networks to brain signals

Potential Vendors

Fatigue Science,SmartCap


Data Sets

Video,Time series

AI Technologies

Product - Data Capture - Bio Sensor,Machine Learning (ML)

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