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AI Use Case

Predict personalised health outcomes to recommend individual treatment approach

Predict personalised health outcomes to optimise an individual's recommended treatment package. The data required to support this is often still being understood and developed.



Risk reduction - Recovery rate,Risk reduction - Mortality rate,Risk reduction - Patient outcomes

Case Studies

Blue Cross Blue Shield~Blue Cross Blue Shield predicts individual propensity for opioid abuse with 85% accuracy to modify insurance pricing and support appropriate interventions using machine learning analytics,"Cigna~Cigna to identify at-risk patients from laboratory results and clinical diagnostic data, and offer early treatment options using machine learning",Biogen~Biogen to design individualized treatment plans for newly diagnosed patients with providers using machine learning,Banner Health ~Banner Health saves $29m in three years by helping avoid hospitalisation for patients with multiple chronic conditions by remote monitoring of vitals and analysis with machine learning ,Cornell University~Researchers at Cornell University are using deep learning to develop dental restorations with better accuracy than human eye,Anthem~Anthem aims to predict the occurrence of allergies using machine learning,Takeda Pharmaceutical Company~Takeda and ConvergeHEALTH aim to better understand how treatment-resistant depression responds to medication using deep learning models ,MIT~MIT researchers aim to make cancer treatments less toxic with machine learning,Government of Japan~Japan to automate patient information entry and some medical procedures by investing in 10 AI-powered hospitals ,PLA General Hospital~PLA General Hospital in Beijing is using an algorithm for predicting if patients will wake up from a coma,Imperial College London~Researchers develop a model to provide individualised and clinically interpretable treatment decisions to improve sepsis patients outcomes,Pharmaceutical Company~Pharmaceutical company identifies warnings for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients requiring change of treatment using machine learning,University of Toronto~University of Toronto aims to early detect individuals at risk for clinical decline with the use of machine learning,Institute Gustave Roussy~Scientists at Institute Gustave Roussy predict immunotherapy efficacy in patients with machine learning,"""Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre, Sun Yat-sen University""~Sun Yat-sen University researchers predict high myopia for young adults at clinically acceptable levels 8 years in advance",Imperial College London~Imperial College Researchers diagnose ovarian cancer patients with survival rates under 2 years,Harvard University~Researchers at Harvard University predict tuberculosis' resistance to first-line and second-line drugs with 94% accuracy and 90% accuracy using machine learning

Potential Vendors

Fuzzy Logix ,Prognos,Prognos,,ASI Data Science



Healthcare Providers And Services

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Regression

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