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AI Use Case

Score and compile aggregate analyst sentiment report based on the balance of positive to negative words

Compile aggregate analyst report sentiment score based on the balance of positive to negative words in written reports



Revenue - Improve trading decisions (eg market demand estimates),Cost - Staff efficiency

Case Studies

NAM~Nomura Asset Management quantify news sources as positive or negative to aid analysts in investment decisions using natural language processing ,JPMorgan Research~JPMorgan Chase Research improves long/short performance by up to 0.5% by identifying sentiment and locating idiosyncratic risk in news items,Wells Fargo~Wells Fargo demonstrates 88% short-term and 58% longer term recommendations accuracy using machine learning to predict stock price movements

Potential Vendors


Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - NLP - Text Sentiment Analysis,Product - Optical Character Recognition (OCR),ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,Product - Translation,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI

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