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AI Case Study

Airbus is investing in developing autonomous passenger aircraft

Airbus has set the goal of developing autonomous planes that operate with just one person pilot. It is working with Chinese tech and AI companies in order to make self-driving technologies found in the automotive industry applicable to airplanes. To accelerate the development of the project, which in the future would cut staffing costs down, the company has committed to setting up an innovation hub in Shenzhen, China.



Aerospace And Defence

Project Overview

"Airbus SE is looking to develop autonomous aircraft and technologies that will allow a single pilot to operate commercial jetliners, helping cut costs for carriers, Chief Technology Officer Paul Eremenko said. Airbus agreed to set up an innovation centre in China’s Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. The facility will help accelerate research needed to chart the future of air travel, and China will provide Airbus an opportunity to design and develop such technologies. The company 'is also exploring technologies that will bring more automation to the cockpit of planes that could help resolve shortage of pilots in countries like China, which is set to emerge as the world’s biggest aviation market in less than a decade. Discussions are on with Chinese companies such as Baidu Inc. to find ways to apply self-driving vehicles to the aviation industry", Eremenko said."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


AI technologies enabling autonomy



General Manufacturing


According to Bloomberg, "the aerospace industry has begun seeing a similar trend as the car market, where automakers are investing in or acquiring autonomous driving startups. Plane manufacturers including Airbus and Boeing Co. are racing to develop artificial intelligence that will one day enable computers to fly planes without human beings at the controls."



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