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AI Case Study

Baidu builds automated cat shelter for strays using image recognition

Baidu has created a "smart" shelter for stray cats to keep them warm during the winter months. The door to the shelter is automated and distinguishes between cats and other animals, including dogs, to ensure only felines get in.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"China’s top search engine company Baidu made a smart cat shelter in Beijing that uses AI to verify when a cat is approaching and open its door. The cat shelter is heated and also offers cats food and water. While scanning a cat’s face at the door, the cameras are also apparently capable of checking the cat for diseases and also to see if the cat has been neutered by trying to spot an ear tag. If a sick or non-neutered cat is discovered, the system will ping a nearby volunteer group to provide aid to the cat. The AI system is apparently capable of recognizing 174 different kinds of cats. The cameras also are equipped with night vision so that if any cats wander around at night, they can still enter or exit the shelters. The system can recognize four common kinds of cat disease, including stomatitis, skin disease, and external injuries."

Reported Results

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R And D

Product Development


"Baidu is based in Beijing, where temperatures can drop to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 degrees Celsius) in the winter, leaving stray cats in pretty dire conditions. Baidu wrote in a blog post that only 40 percent of stray cats survive the winter on average."



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