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Cadillac Fairview suspends usage of facial recognition software to predict demographic information of customers in shopping centres

Cadillac Fairview has been using facial recognition software in two of its shopping centres to predict patrons' age and gender. After complaints were lodged with the provincial and federal privacy commissioners, the company said it's suspending usage.


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Project Overview

"The company now says they are suspending use of the cameras inside mall maps, including at Chinook Centre and Market Mall in Calgary. The move comes after both the Alberta and federal privacy commissioners announced they were launching investigations into the use of facial recognition technology without the public's consent. The facial recognition software was initially discovered when a visitor to Calgary's Chinook Centre spotted an application window seemingly left open by accident on a digital mall directory, exposing facial-recognition software running in the background.

The mall wouldn't say what software they use, as they view it as proprietary, but the shopper's photo of the directory shows the software is MappedIn. The Ontario-based company confirmed in an email that their directories can track facial recognition data."

Reported Results

Use of the facial recognition software has been currently halted, according to Cadillac Fairview.




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"Cadillac Fairview says they've been using facial recognition software in their mall directories since June to track shoppers' ages and genders without telling them." Initially the company it did not require consent as it was not storing capturing and storing images or video.



Images captured from cameras on mall directories

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