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AI Case Study

Codeship automates functional testing of web-based software applications using machine learning

Codeship, a continuous integration platform, uses Mabl's platform to automate functional testing of web applications. The software maintains baselines of user interface for existing applications and automatically detects any anomalies or variations. It can identify changes across devices or browsers and auto-update baselines.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Mabl is a machine learning test automation service that learns how applications work, identify bugs, and provides context on what causes errors so they can be fixed.

The solution is designed to enable users to easily create automated tests using a Chrome plugin. It uses machine learning to automatically fix tests when the application changes, and aims to reduce the time spent maintaining tests as applications evolve. It also uses artificial intelligence in order to analyze test results and identify regressions, according to the company."

Reported Results

The company claims increased developer productivity.


Machine driven regression testing


Information Technology

Quality Assurance


Codeship offers a continuous development and integration platform for web based applications



"The software is able to detect bugs, errors in JavaScript, visual changes, broken links, and a whole lot more, thus making the testing for users as simple as possible."

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