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AI Case Study

Copa Airlines enhances online customer experience through a chatbot travel agent

Copa Airlines is offering a virtual travel agent, Ana, which is able to respond to customers' queries, such as destinations or baggage allowances. The chatbot responds within a customer's browser using natural language processing and supports English and Spanish.




Project Overview

According to, "Ask Ana ensures that the online customer experience delivered by Copa Airlines is both enjoyable and rewarding, enabling customers to type in a question using everyday natural language.

Users get a single, accurate and approved answer to their questions, the very first time, along with a short list of helpful, related questions. Users also have the ability to view a dynamic list of the top ten questions based on previous question patterns.

Most of the information she offers is available elsewhere on the website, and whereas some travel bots take you to the actual webpages that reference answers to your questions, Ana’s interface is more limited, in that it only provides textual responses.

Ana can address customer questions in both English and most recently in Spanish. Soon Ana will be able to answer questions in Portuguese. 

Ana also ensures that if customers ask her a question in Spanish, but are on the English side of the virtual agent solution, Ana will note this and direct the customer to the correct location to get full support in Spanish...and vice-versa."

The solution is developed by IntelliResponse.

Reported Results

Results undisclosed


Ana is a web-based chatbot for Copa Airlines that uses natural language.


Customer Service

Technical And Product Support




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