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AI Case Study

DeepMagic offers a fully automated retail pop-up store which uses facial and image recognition to identify customers and determine what they pick up and put down

DeepMagic's AI powered Quick Kiosk system enables installing unmanned and fully automated pop-up stores in busy locations such as airports and hotels. Quick Kiosk recognises customers, and what they pick up and put down through facial and image recognition. Inventory management is automated with machine learning.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"DeepMagic's intelligent, small-format, cashier-less platform allows merchants, property managers, and others to operate an unmanned shop in secure locations such as apartments, hotel lobbies, and airports. A self-contained Qick Kiosk system can be delivered directly to a specified location, and assembled in less than four hours."

Reported Results

Proof of concept results are not yet available. However it is expected to improve:

* Automated merchandising, inventory and shelf-space management.
* Smaller footprint stores
* Reduce cost of retail store


" Customers would gain entry through swiping a card or via a facial scan, take the products they want and leave. The image recognition system would note the items removed and charge the customers’ account automatically."



Customer Management


As traditional retail stores are facing challenges, a small unmanned pop-up store which can be operated from anywhere based on demand is a concept which is gaining popularity.



Analysing facial images and also images of people picking up and putting down products in-store.

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