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AI Case Study

EDF Energy wishes to monitor power station conditions in real time and predict maintenance requirements using machine learning

During the 2017 AI Summit in London, David Ferguson, head of digital innovation at EDF, unveiled that the company is planning on using AI for real time condition monitoring as well as for predictive maintenance to optimise operations and increase efficiency of its nuclear power stations.




Project Overview

"On the power station side the energy supplier wants to use AI for predictive maintenance. 'So taking data from sensors around the plant to identify first why a component fails and then predicting when,' Ferguson said.

More interesting though is the idea of using AI for real time condition monitoring to provide advice to power station operators. So the AI would monitor the various systems within the power station and provide either real time 'advice, prescribing what they should do, or, in the future, automating the power station'."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available




Network Operations


"EDF Energy is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK with a network of nuclear, coal and renewable power stations." David Ferguson's team, head of digital innovation at EDF, is "responsible for designing proof of concepts 'to demonstrate the value and potential of new technologies. It is our job to move fast and break things, in a controlled environment', he said."



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