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AI Case Study

Enigma Pattern cracked the German WW2 Enigma code in just under 13 minutes by recognising German language patterns

Using Grimm's Fairy Tales to train the AI it took 12 minutes and 50 seconds to decrypt a coded message with over 53 billion different combinations of letters. The father of modern AI, Turing, cut his teeth leading Britain's efforts to break Germany's Second World War Enigma codes - this showed how far technology has come in ~70 years...


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"The AI was trained to look for German language, and then work out the statistical probability of the sentence decrypted being the accurate original based on how ‘German’ it was, using 2,000 cloud servers to do the calculations. The AI was trained in what German looks like using Grimm’s Fairy tales. "

Reported Results

"The code was generated from the sentence “German is a beautiful language”, and ended up with over 53 billion different combinations of letters that needed decrypting. The AI did it in 12 minutes 50 seconds."



Information Technology



"The Enigma machine was a German piece of engineering that encrypted messages using a complex set of rules that allowed you to scramble a message in a quasi-random manner that meant the only way to decrypt it would be to have the exact settings of the machine used to write the code."



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