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AI Case Study

Facebook optimises sellers' listings on Marketplace using AI

Facebook enhances the seller's experience on Marketplace through the use of artificial intelligence. As a seller is creating a listing and uploading photos for their item, the system is automatically enhancing the lighting of the photos. It also categorises it with similar products to make suggestions on pricing and title. Before these features, Facebook was experiencing a high number of sellers abandoning their listing process or not completing it effectively.



Internet Services Consumer

Project Overview

"Simplifying the process for sellers:

We are also using AI to improve the seller experience. One feature automatically enhances the lighting for photos as the seller uploads them, making the images easier for buyers to see what’s pictured.

And as the listing is being created, the system compares it with similar products in the database and offers up pricing and category suggestions. This autosuggest model runs on each of the millions of for-sale listings on Marketplace and classifies each listing into one of the 29 top categories at post time, giving users the option to keep or change the suggested category.

With this architecture in place, the system could someday autosuggest the most effective listing title based on comparable products, automatically enhance a photo’s resolution to reduce blurriness, or even warn a seller when it detects a title that doesn’t match the image."

Reported Results

"Before the autosuggest feature for categories was enabled, friction was high: 7 to 9 percent of sellers abandoned the process without completing the listing, and the seller-selected categories were sometimes less effective than those recommended by our model."




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