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AI Case Study

Foxconn to identify and predict defects in manufacturing process with machine vision

Foxconn has partnered with to adopt machine vision technology for its quality assurance practice. Neither company has revealed details on the collaboration, however they say that AI will be used to support inspections in factories.’s system is reported to need only five training images, in contrast with most computer vision systems, thus simplifying the training and adoption phases.




Project Overview

"But at a press briefing in San Francisco two days before Ng’s venture is introduced, he demonstrated an example of using AI for visual inspection in a factory’s quality control efforts.

In many factories, workers look over parts coming off an assembly line for defects. Ng showed a video in which a worker instead put a circuit board beneath a digital camera connected to a computer and the computer identified a defect in the part.

Ng said that while typical computer vision systems might require thousands of sample images to become “trained,”’s system would take only five training images, making it easier to adapt to different tasks in a factory.

Ng said had been approached by investors but had not accepted outside capital yet. Foxconn, known more formally as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, is’s first strategic partner. Ng said the startup has been working with Foxconn since July, but he would not elaborate on the nature of the collaboration or which of Foxconn’s customers it might involve. Foxconn makes products for many companies aside from Apple."

Reported Results

Results undisclosed



Information Technology

Quality Assurance


"In many factories, workers look over parts coming off an assembly line for defects."


Operational - Lower error rates,Cost - Process simplification


training images

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