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AI Case Study

Hang Seng Bank improves customer experience through chatbots using NLP to assist customers

Hang Seng Bank has implemented two chatbots, Dori and Haro, to answer customer questions in Chinese and English, with the ability to understand Cantonese. Their conversations are intended to feel 'human' and are accessed through Facebook Messenger. Customer requests they can aid with include loan repayment calculations, suggest online store offers, and make restaurant reservations.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"Hang Seng Bank has rolled out two AI chatbots for retail banking services named ‘HARO’ and ‘DORI’ last January 10-11, according to a media release. Using machine learning and natural language processing, the virtual assistants are equipped with the ability to simulate human-like contextual conversations to address customer enquiries. They can also communicate in Chinese, English and understand Cantonese. HARO, which stands for ‘Helpful; Attentive; Responsive; Omni,’ handles general enquiries about the bank’s mortgage, personal loan, credit card, medical insurance and travel insurance services. It can also assist customers with calculating repayment amounts for designated personal and mortgage loans.
DORI, which stands for ‘Dining; Offers; Rewards; Interactive,’ can search and suggest credit card merchant discounts and online store offers and make reservations at selected restaurants. It is available through Facebook Messenger. "

Reported Results

Undisclosed; according to the Bank, improved customer convenience



Customer Service

Technical And Product Support


"We are pleased to be the first bank in Hong Kong to launch AI chatbots that offer retail banking customers a brand new service experience. Hang Seng is committed to investing in fintech developments and digital channels to provide customers with greater convenience, and a simple and easy experience."




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