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AI Case Study

Humana achieves 28-percent increase in customer satisfaction by coaching agents and supervisors in real-time by recognising emotions from customer voice

Humana Inc, a health insurance company, monitors customer calls in real-time to identify customer emotion and coach agents. Signals such as tone changes, talking over each other are noticed and agent is given appropriate guidance to handle the situation. They use Cogito's AI bot, Cogito Dialog to analyse calls. According to Cogito, Humana was able to achieve a 28-percent increase in customer satisfaction and a 63-percent increase in employee engagement during calls.



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

"Humana Inc. has deployed artificial intelligence software trained to detect conversational cues, to coach call-center agents and supervisors, in real-time, when calls with customers are going awry.

The software, built with AI tools from Cogito Corp., can, for example, recognize increasing agitation by “listening” for markers such as a steady rise in the pitch of a customer’s voice or instances of a customer and an agent talking over each other. The digital coach, called Cogito Dialog, will then send an electronic alert, such as “speaking quickly” or “frequent overlaps,” to prompt the agent to change technique.

As members call in to its customer service centers, Humana’s AI tool listens for signals of consumer frustration, such as a consumer’s elevated tone of voice or instances of the representative and the member talking over one another, according to a Wall Street Journal article. The AI bot, Cogito Dialog, then delivers instant feedback for the customer service agent to alter his or her strategy while on the phone."

Reported Results

According to Cogito clients experience up to

* 28% increase in customer satisfaction
* 63% increase in employee engagement



Customer Service

Contact Centre


Call-centre agents are engaged in conversations all day, AI can help prevent burn-out and help them connect with customers better



Monitors voice for variations to identify emotion

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