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AI Case Study

Indian Army plans AI driven translation to communicate with Chinese soldiers in real-time

India shares a border with China. The lack of Chinese speaking Indian Army soldiers creates an impediment to communications in a sensitive area. It has been identified as a key issue for their Army. Cogknit Semantics Pvt Ltd has offered the army an AI solution that can translate Chinese into English or Hindi in real-time. This is planned and it is not clear if the Indian Army will adopt.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"'It’s a 100% indigenous solution, a next generation AI product that can automatically carry out the translation. A soldier would require only a headset and a tablet,” said Deepak Kumar, director (defence solutions) of provider Cogknit."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available.



Information Technology

Business Intelligence


"On a number of occasions, forums and activities, Indian Army members are required to interact with their Chinese counterparts. On all such occasions, language becomes a key barrier. The army acknowledged that the number of Chinese language qualified personnel/interpreters in its ranks was 'negligible'.



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