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AI Case Study

International Airlines Group enhances in-flight customer experience with AI

International Airlines Group has leveraged Black Swan Analytics' technology to offer their passengers a better in-flight costumer experience. Black Swan Analytics are providing IAG's lowcost airline, LEVEL, an integrated system to assist on-board operations. The system offers personalised service to customer as it learns their preferences with the use of AI.




Project Overview

"Our approach featured user-centric design and Rapid Application Prototyping methodologies. We designed, architected, developed, tested and delivered a complete in-flight customer experience system in just 12 weeks, to meet Level's inaugural flight deadline.

* Enables mobile phone card payments
* Works with any device
* Pairs customer’s device to seatback
* Can work on any aircraft
* Customers can create and personalise accounts
* Uses AI to understand passenger DNA"



When IAG launched LEVEL – an ‘unbundled’ transatlantic airline offering long-haul flights with low ticket prices – they needed a ‘shop in the sky’ which could take card payments from any device (including seat-back) to offer ancillary on-board purchases.

Reported Results

"For the first time passengers can pair their device to seatback, to browse and buy the latest film, TV and music releases, food & drink, duty-free goods and Wi-Fi packages. Plus they can order and make payments safely and securely direct from their phones – even when the plane is offline and internet connectivity isn't available."




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