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AI Case Study

KLM automates responses to over 50% of customer enquiries on social media by implementing a machine learning chatbot

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was one of the first airline companies to implement a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, and has expanded to other social media channels. The result has been a major increase in customer messages, which its systems and customer service representatives were not initially able to handle. By implementing a chatbot with Digital Genius, over 50% of these customer enqueries are responded to now automatically.




Project Overview

From KLM: "KLM has been using AI provided by DigitalGenius, which now supports over 50% of all inquiries, for a year and-a-half. When agents need to answer questions, AI provides them with a possible answer. The AI system learns from the service agent’s actions and gets smarter over time. Until now, the agents had to decide if the proposed answer suits the question, adjust the answer if necessary and send it to the appropriate social media channel. With the high volumes of customer questions that the AI system has handled, KLM is now able to automate the answers to the most common questions on any subject without the interference of a human service agent. With the help of this next step in social media, KLM service agents have more time to focus on questions that require a human approach."

Reported Results

KLM states that the DigitalGenius AI "supports over 50% of all inquiries". According to Digital Training Academic, over its Facebook Messenger channel KLM has experienced:

* "40% increase in customer interactions with Messenger
* 15% of online boarding passes are sent via Messenger
* 5-point higher average Net Promoter Score (NPS) on Messenger than goal"


Specifics for the KLM implementation undisclosed, however according to KLM, DigitalGenius uses "deep learning algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service data and integrated directly into the contact center’s existing software".


Customer Service

Technical And Product Support


From the company's news release: "KLM receives over 130,000 mentions via social media per week. This number has grown since the introduction of WhatsApp as a service channel. A dedicated team of 250 social media service agents personally engages in 30,000 conversations each week. On average, conversations consist of five or six questions and answers between KLM and its customers. Questions that can be answered automatically with the use of artificial intelligence usually come at the beginning of the conversation."



From What's the Big Data: "Initially, the application has been trained on 60,000 previous customer-agent interactions".

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