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AI Case Study

LG maximises consumer engagement with ad video using machine learning and machine vision

LG wished to ensure that a potentially controversial ad would be perceived positively before launching it. They leveraged RealEyes' machine learning and machine vision technology to test it with 600 people, half in the UK and half in the US. Acting on the actionable insight gathered from the study they were able to identify the optimal target audience and maximise consumer engagement with no increase in media spend, gathering over 10 million views, and over 100,000 social actions.



Technology Hardware And Equipment

Project Overview

"In under 48 hours, we tested the video on 600 people (300 in UK and 300 in the US), to see if there were any geographical differences in emotional response.

After some initial confusion, there was a strong and sustained rise in happiness. Negative emotions were minimal throughout, and the video ended on a high peak – its audience was engaged to the very end.

The video performed extremely well, justifying spend on the full range of AOL’s premium distribution options. Realeyes analytics showed that the content resonated most with young audiences in particular, and that the clip had a particularly strong finish. Furthermore, the video performed just as well in the US as in the UK, making a transatlantic launch advisable to get the most out of this particularly strong creative.

Emotional engagement was exceptionally strong overall, and Stage Fright’s EmotionAll® score was in the top 5% of all videos in the database at the time of testing."

Reported Results

"Realeyes provided AOL with perceptive and actionable insight into how LG’s content resonated with different audiences. AOL was able to use this information in guiding and executing the global distribution plan, and the video gathered over 1 million views in 48 hours. By targeting young audiences and publishers with high play-to-end ratios, as suggested by Realeyes analytics, AOL maximised consumer engagement with no increase in media spend, ultimately driving over 10 million views, and over 100,000 social actions."




Campaign Management


"LG commissioned Dutch creative agency SuperHeroes to build on the success of its IPS monitors video hit, ‘So Real It’s Scary’, with an equally popular sequel. SuperHeroes set up the IPS monitors over the urinals in a men’s toilet, in a bid to find out whether the screens were sufficiently lifelike to cause ‘stage fright’. Playing once more on the monitors’ extreme realism, they filmed men’s reactions as a couple of models suddenly appeared, acting flirtatious and seemingly staring straight at them as they went about their business.

As the approach was potentially controversial, LG wanted to be sure that the video would be perceived positively before launching. LG’s media partner AOL commissioned us to test ‘Stage Fright’ in the UK, its intended launch market, to see how people actually responded to the video."



Emotional reactions

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