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AI Case Study

Microsoft trials AI to analyse strategic partners contracts

Microsoft is testing using AI to analyse contracts it has with 21 strategic partners to determine commonalities among them ultimately making in-house legal discovery of the nature of the contractual relationships quicker.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

The project will mainly be executed in conjunction with Pramata, Microsoft's contract management vendor, which will analyze Microsoft's contract data off-site using AI technology then send back reports to the company. "Microsoft is dipping its toes into contract AI technology with a six-month pilot project that leverages AI to analyze the contracts of its top 21 strategic partners. "We did a limited data set, so we are looking at 500 contracts. As we go through them, what we are looking for is, what are the terms that are common and what does our relationship look like based on these agreements?" Microsoft wanted to first see how an AI contract management solution could work to benefit the legal department and work out its problems before committing any dedicated resources to a department wide deployment".

Reported Results

Pilot; results not yet available






"AI can play a key role in enabling them to provide more cost-effective services. And perhaps nowhere is this more possible currently than in the area of contract management."



500 contracts

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