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AI Case Study

Narvar analyses employee communication using natural language processing and machine learning to automatically measure employee and organisational performance

Narvar, a Silicon Valley start-up, has chosen Zugata to manage employee performance. Zugata's platform can analyse employee chats and emails and gauge employee as well as organisation performance. Zugata automates performance evaluation and enables a culture of continuous feedback.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Zugata has made giving and receiving feedback effortless and combines performance evaluation, continuous feedback, and goal setting while providing employees with resources to develop their skills. They use analytics to offer overview of performance and highlight areas of concern."

According to Zugata, "Zugata is designed to encourage participation and company-wide adoption. Our algorithms know whom to ask for feedback and ensure feedback requests are timely, fresh, and relevant. A points-based system recognizes active users, encourages reciprocity, and creates a culture of feedback."

Reported Results

Results undisclosed.



Human Resources

Employee Relations


Narvar is a San Francisco based start-up that helps retailers improve customer experience to inspire loyalty.



Data from Slack

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