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AI Case Study

SGN leverages ClickSoftware's AI powered solution for mobile workforce optimisation

SGN announced in January 2018 that it would implement software from ClickSoftware to optimise its mobile workforce utilisation. ClickSoftware solutions for mobile workforce management use machine learning for predictive workforce intelligence.



Gas Water And Multi Utilities

Project Overview

According to ClickSoftware's blog: "SGN, the second largest gas distribution company in the United Kingdom, has selected ClickSoftware’s cloud-based mobile workforce management solution, Field Service Edge, to automate and optimize their service scheduling and improve response time to urgent, safety critical job requests. ClickSoftware’s system optimizes and automates the entire scheduling and reporting process enabling seamless interaction between service workers, dispatchers and all back-office functions. In addition, with all work dispatched to mobile devices, SGN now has real-time visibility into each engineer’s work day and schedules. With extremely tight SLA service level agreement windows and the need to minimize customers’ exposure to hazardous conditions, a reliable, always up-to-date Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is essential for managing SGN’s field service operations".

Reported Results

No released results.


According to the vendor, "ClickSoftware solutions for mobile workforce management leverage AI in predictive workforce intelligence. ClickSoftware’s Predictive field service anticipates service fluctuations and automatically adjusts business processes accordingly. The solution is powered by the company's Machine Learning Cloud, which applies artificial intelligence across the service chain to find hidden patterns in data and make predictions that matter to service businesses. Predictive field service combines historical data with external sources to provide increasingly accurate predictions of important metrics (such as the duration of tasks or the likelihood of appointment cancellations) that have a material impact on key service business decisions".



Field Services


It is crucial for SGN "to optimize field resource utilization, especially critical as it pertains to emergency response incidents. When a gas emergency is reported to the National Gas Emergency Service, SGN has an extremely short window to respond and resolve the issue to ensure customers’ safety and maintain their regulatory license condition".



According to the vendor, "historical data with external sources".

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