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AI Case Study

Spot helps firms address employee grievances anonymously using chatbot

Spot helps firms address employee grievances anonymously using chatbot which generates a file with personal references removed to be sent to the company. Employees can use Spot’s science-driven interview bot to give an account of what happened. HR can then investigate the complaint which is filed with them anonymously by the bot.


Professional Services

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Project Overview

Spot adapts Cognitive Interview techniques to improve the quality and quantity of details you remember.
“It’ll use analytics and pattern recognition, to figure out the health of your corporate culture, for eg: Which parts of your company are you getting the most reports from? You’re getting a lot of reports from Tuesday at 2pm. The analytics and tracking of what’s going on in companies is hugely popular because AI and tech can pick up patterns that humans can’t.”

Reported Results

Research; Results not yet available


Spot was designed to ask the same questions as a highly trained memory interviewer. All questions are based on a standard protocol called the Cognitive Interview.


R And D

Product Development


Harassment is severely under-reported at corporates and in the wake of movements like 'Time's Up' this initiative holds special significance



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