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AI Case Study

Spotify increased service subscribers by 33% through customised music recommendations

Spotify introduced Discover Weekly which generates a customised playlist weekly for Spotify subscribers. In-house algorithm developed to curate playlist based on subscriber listening habits.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

Spotify "keeps track of what you listen to. Then it uses algorithms to see which other playlists contain the same songs—and other songs that are on those lists but not on yours. Then it feeds you those new cuts in a personalized playlist, Discover Weekly, which is refreshed every Monday".

Reported Results

Increased monthly users by 33%, revenue generation undisclosed


In-house, details undisclosed



Digital Marketing


Music streaming platform Spotify looks for ways to increase and retain users at a time when it "is being challenged by Apple Music, the rival streaming service, and when artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are withholding their work from Spotify because they say it’s stingy with royalties. The more Spotify steers people to independent artists, the more negotiating power it has with the labels and music-publishing companies to which it currently pays 70 percent of its revenue in royalties."



Album, song and artist data previously streamed by users.

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