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AI Case Study

TigoUne reduces management system failure by 80% through a machine learning workforce management solution

TigoUne, a large Colombian telco, had six disconnected CRM systems that resulted in productivity issues for their 1,700 field engineers. Using ClickSoftware solutions the disparate systems were linked and AI was used to improve dispatcher and field engineering productivity. This resulted in more timely resource planning and scheduling.



Fixed Line And Integrated Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

"The new integrated field workforce management solution
from ClickSoftware has aligned business needs with the technology platform. It allowed the team to understand the status of daily activities (i.e. tasks without appointments, jeopardy alerts) with greater clarity, grow stronger system adoption with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that more resources could easily navigate, use customized reports to deeply understand the business, quickly make small system changes such as views, forms, and dictionaries and easily audit tasks."

Reported Results

TigoUne states the following results but it is not clear how much of this is driven by machine learning:

* Field workforce management system failure rates have dropped 80%
* Changes can be made seven times faster than with the previous system
* Dispatcher and field engineer productivity remains stable even during system updates


"ClickSoftware solutions for mobile workforce management leverage AI in predictive workforce intelligence. ClickSoftware’s Predictive field service anticipates service fluctuations and automatically adjusts business processes accordingly. The solution is powered by the company's Machine Learning Cloud, which applies artificial intelligence across the service chain to find hidden patterns in data and make predictions that matter to service businesses."



Field Services


TigoUne is a telecommunications company in Colombia with more than 1700 field engineers and thus, coordinating the field workforce is a high priority. The company had six disconnected CRM systems that meant that productivity of field engineers was low. Using ClickSoftware solutions the systems were linked and AI field was used to improve field engineering with more timely resourcing planning and scheduling. ceiv

According to ClickSoftware's case study, TigoUne "has experienced significant growth through acquisition. As a result, the company has six different CRM systems. To compound the challenge, field engineers were working off old Windows-based mobile devices. The disconnected systems slowed everything down. Even small changes to business process were time consuming to implement, and often created new problems once finally completed. Field workforce productivity initiatives suffered under the weight of the disconnected technology platforms."



"Predictive field service combines historical data with external sources to provide increasingly accurate predictions of important metrics (such as the duration of tasks or the likelihood of appointment cancellations) that have a material impact on key service business decisions."

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