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AI Case Study

Toutiao personalises newsfeeds for each of its 600M users using machine learning

Toutiao is a Chinese news aggregating app that uses machine learning to personalise newsfeeds for each of its users.


Consumer Goods And Services

Media And Publishing

Project Overview

"While Toutiao hosts content but does not produce it, it maintains it has a key selling point in its 'intelligent news feed', where artificial intelligence and machine learning software tailor content. It is betting that a personalised user experience will give it an edge over its competitors — the tech triumvirate of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent." However, "media professionals and investors worry that Toutiao could encounter the problems of algorithm bias and fake news that have entangled social media platforms such as Facebook. Toutiao employs “human intelligence” teams to screen for dubious content and refine its algorithms but analysts say a personalised news source runs the danger of becoming too narrow."

Reported Results

Results unspecified but the number of users may be indicative of performance - the app is the 10th most used in China.




Digital Marketing


"Meaning 'Today’s Headlines', Jinri Toutiao is also one of China’s most valuable tech start-ups. With nearly 600m users, five-year-old Toutiao has overtaken traditional and state-owned media to become a significant channel through which the world’s most populous country gets its news. Toutiao’s readers can browse Chinese-language news, commentary and video sourced from 4,000 partnerships, which the company says it has forged with both state-owned and independent media organisations, including Xinhua and Caixin."



User data, details unspecified

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