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AI Case Study

US Army test computer vision for an enemy infrastructure recognition system in real-time

The US Army is testing using a machine learning visual recognition system which identify enemy equipment and threats from a distance, providing soldiers with a real-time warning system.


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Project Overview

"Army soldiers are testing goggles with an image-recognition system that can automatically spot threats like tanks and warn the rest of the squad — or transmit the target data to a distant missile battery so they can take it out. The artificially intelligent target detection will be part of the Integrated Vision Augmentation System (IVAS), for which Microsoft’s HoloLens won a two-year, $480 million contract earlier this week."

Reported Results

Proof of concept; results not available


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"Years of “attention management” research on aircraft pilots show that people in combat hyperfocus on the threat in front of them and stop checking instrument displays — which is what you want them to do, rather than wander into combat staring down at a screen like an iPhone addict about to walk into an open manhole. So in Army testing, soldiers vastly prefer the IVAS [Integrated Vision Augmentation System] approach of putting vital data right in their field of vision."



Camera images

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