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AI Case Study

Wasco water treatment plant pilot optimises treatment of 210K gallons of water a day for recycling using AI

Wasco water treatment facility is implementing MembranePRO's AI system to reuse water used in oil refining. The system analyses the pollution content of the water and provides a recommendation on how to treat it. Initially 210K gallons of water per day will be recycled and reused.



Gas Water And Multi Utilities

Project Overview

According to Bakersfield Now, the water treatment plant uses technology from MembranePRO to turn "brown, oil-polluted wastewater, into clean, reusable water. AI algorithms and breakthrough membrane technology to take gallons of water, analyse how polluted it is, and determine the most effective treatment method... This strategically located water treatment facility provides significant environmental and economic benefits to the region. Local oil and gas producers now have a reliable, economical and sustainable option for converting 210,000 gallons per day of produced water into high quality clean water for reuse. Oil and gas producers, agriculture and industry throughout Kern County and Central Valley can now use this recycled water for their operations, reducing the need to utilize precious freshwater resources."

Reported Results

"The treatment plant will soon be recycling up to 420,000 gallons per day, fueled by growing demand by oil producers who see this as a cost-saving solution." (Bakersfield Now)


Details undisclosed



General Operations


According to Bakersfield Now: "For the first time in California, water treatment is leveraging artificial intelligence... One barrel of oil can produce up to 100 gallons of waste water, costing the oil and gas industry hundreds of millions of dollars to dispose of."



Details undisclosed

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