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AI Case Study

WeWork predicts office meeting room usage with 40% more accuracy using neural networks

WeWork has implemented using neural networks to predict demand for meeting room spaces by its clients to better plan office space layout. The machine learning approach improves upon designers' predictions by 40%.


Financial Services

Real Estate Development Operations

Project Overview

"WeWork is using AI-driven machine learning to forecast how prospective occupants might use co-working and shared spaces, and to assist its design partners in making more optimal choices. These analyses draw data from the company’s 200-plus locations worldwide. 'We’re trying to understand the right kind of spaces to put into offices, so we’re not wasting space or overusing it,' says WeWork’s Director of Research Daniel Davis, PhD. He adds that machine learning 'presents multiple scenarios' and a variety of options."

Reported Results

"The neural network is 40% more accurate than humans at predicting the frequency of usage by occupants."






WeWork is an office space rental company.



Details undisclosed: "data from the company’s 200-plus locations worldwide".

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