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AI Use Case

Accelerate data integration from multiple sources

Combine source data from different sources into meaningful and valuable information



Data Science


Data - Data enhancement,Cost - Job automation

Case Studies

Shell~Shell plans to automate information extraction from internal documents to collate answers to operational problems using Maana's Knowledge Platform ,BlaBlaCar~BlaBlaCar optimises conversion rate and improves retention with machine learning predictive analytics that integrate data from multitudes of sources,Coyote~Coyote improves the accurate reporting of speed limits by 9% using machine learning,"AstraZeneca~AstraZeneca improves internal management of its global data sources through organisation, search and information extraction using an AI platform",BMW~BMW will self-diagnose faults and issues limiting car performance and collect data from connected vehicles with machine learning analytics,HP.Inc~HP.Inc integrates data from various isolated data sources using machine learning,"Kik~Kik, a popular messaging platform, uses machine learning to integrate and scale different systems","LeasePlan UK~LeasePlan, a vehicle management group in the UK, simulates different models to see cost distribution across various dimensions to decide which changes are optimal", TigoUne~TigoUne reduces management system failure by 80% through a machine learning workforce management solution ,"Hovis ~Hovis, a famous bakery in the UK, automates administrative IT processes using machine learning",Hitachi ~Hitachi conducted an on-site demonstration of a warehouse management system equipped with its AI technology where results showed efficiency improvement in logistics tasks,Salesforce~Salesforce to enable its users to save time on data entry through a voice-to-text assistant,Berkeley Lab~Berkeley Lab to use deep learning to analyse alternate data sources for more accurate predictions of air quality,MIT~MIT researchers propose an efficient and accurate system for protecting privacy in healthcare datasets

Potential Vendors

MAANA,Dataiku,Dataiku,Sinequa,IBM Watson,IBM,Databricks,ClickSoftware,Thoughtonomy


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Text

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation

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