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AI Use Case

Augment traffic control processes at (air)ports

Support management of real time data and decision-making in traffic control - for example at airports. Automatic data flows from key assets and data modelling enhanced from multiple sources (e.g. weather models) help with flow optimisation, operator support and risk prediction.



Operational - Network optimisation,Risk reduction - Real time awareness,Risk reduction - Clear decision trails

Case Studies

Southwest Airlines~Southwest Airlines improves safety and preventes flight anomalies with machine learning,United Airlines~United Airlines manages overbooking issues and last minute changes in flyer travel plans with machine learning,Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport~FLL monitors aircraft movement and gets accurate status reports for gates with machine vision and natural language processing,Huawei~Huawei launches operating system for smart cities using AI ,Heathrow~Heathrow Airport tackles delays due to bad weather with the use of AI ,Port of Rotterdam~The Port of Rotterdam Authority reduces vessel waiting times by 20% with machine learning

Potential Vendors

IBM,Port of Rotterdam Authority




Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI,ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning

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