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AI Use Case

Automate collection of banking data from non-standard documentation

Automate collection of banking data from non-standard documentation (e.g. in shipping paperwork) - this will typically be turned in to standardised banking documentation



General Operations


Cost - Job automation,Data - Data mapping / labelling

Case Studies

HSBC~HSBC tests automated information extraction system for global trade contracts,UBS~Client post trade equity allocation automatically generated from client emails at UBS,St. Galler Kantonalbank AG ~SKGB Automated transfer of bank security positions suggested positive potential for SGKB, eliminates the risk of inaccurate data entering finance systems by implementing a machine learning solution for invoice handling,Commerzbank~Commerzbank plans to automate 80% of pre-compliance checks for trade finance transactions using machine learning,ING~ING automates its compliance and sanction screening processes with optimal character recognition

Potential Vendors



Financial Services


Data Sets


AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI,Product - Optical Character Recognition (OCR),ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation

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