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AI Use Case

Automate customer service conversations through a text chatbot

Automate customer service text conversations through a chatbot enabling high volume, fast reaction customer support. Unexpected questions will likely 'break' the chatbot system so consumers need to be clear that they are interacting with a machine.


Customer Service

Contact Centre


Cost - Job automation,Revenue - Customer engagement,Operational - Customer wait times

Case Studies

Hang Seng Bank~Hang Seng Bank improves customer experience through chatbots using NLP to assist customers,Digibank~DBS automates responses to 82% of their Digibank customer questions using the KAI chatbot,Bradesco~Bradesco bank increases customer satisfaction and service efficiency by implementing a virtual agent to aid employees and automate responses,USAA~USAA implements Watson to automate responses to customer services inquiries online,Progressive~Progressive implements mobile chatbot to answer customer service questions ,StarOfService~StarOfService reduces average handling time of customer service enquiries by 46% with AI ,TicketMaster~TicketMaster uses conversational voice and text chatbots to improve event searching and ticket sales experience,30SecondsToFly~30SecondsToFly struggles to scale the automation of SMB corporate travel management with the deployment of text chatbots,J.P. Morgan~J.P. Morgan pilots an online virtual assistant for corporate clients to assist with queries and website navigation,SalesRabbit~SalesRabbit improves conversion of demo requests to sales meetings by 40% through text-based chatbot,AeroMexico~AeroMexico's customer-service can handle as many inquiries as two full-time employees per day through its chatbot,KLM~KLM automates responses to over 50% of customer enquiries on social media by implementing a machine learning chatbot,Aylesbury Vale District Council~Aylesbury Vale District Council's services team now replies to residents’ questions almost two times faster using deep learning algorithms, resolves half of customer queries to its text chatbot in five minutes and without human intervention using semi-supervised learning ,Alibaba~Alibaba has reduced customer service staff needs for its marketplace vendors by introducing a chatbot,TravelBird~TravelBird reduced call centre average handling time by 30% while reaching 90% customer satisfaction using automated customer service response handling,RapidMiner~RapidMiner conducts a thousand text chatbots monthly identifying hot leads and improving customer service responsiveness,"Epson~Epson America automatically follows up on 50,000 annual leads and generates 75% more qualified leads with the use of email conversational agents ",Avianca Airlines~Avianca Airlines improves customer experience and cuts check-in waiting times in half with natural language processing,WestJet~WestJet introduces a customer service chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson,IBM Watson,Microsoft Azure,DigitalGenius,Dialogflow,Kasisto,Drift,Facebook,DigitalGenius,Salesforce,DigitalGenius,DigitalGenius,Accenture,Facebook


Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product - Customer Service,Product Type - Speech - Recognition,Product Type - NLP - Topic Modeling,Product Type - NLP - Text Classification

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