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AI Use Case

Automate customer service disruption alerts

Using social media to compile information to identify service disruptions. Angry or worried tweeting (or similar) by customers or announcements by operators will trigger consolidated public service alerts on service disruptions. This is most advanced in transport networks but could be applied to other services.



Revenue - Customer experience,Risk reduction - Real time awareness,Operational Support - Issue / outlier ID

Case Studies

Trainline~Trainline automates disruption information and alerts using natural language processing ,Dataminr~Dataminr's alerts its customers in real-time about events that could potentially impact the financial markets by using text mining to collect data from social media

Potential Vendors


Public And Social Sector


Data Sets

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),Product Type - NLP - Text Classification,Model Architecture - Artificial Neural Network (ANN),Model Architecture - RNN - Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM),ML Task - Prediction - Regression,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,Algorithm - Support Vector Machine (SVM)

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