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AI Use Case

Automate CV and resume screening

Score resumes based on the outcomes of past job interviews and hires with textual analysis


Human Resources



Operational - Candidate selection,Operational - Staff development,Other - Reduce unconscious bias

Case Studies

Indigo~Indigo improves candidate experience and cuts hiring costs by 71% using machine learning,"Albert Heijn~Albert Heijn, a Dutch grocer, reduced time to hire by 67% and improved candidate satisfaction by using machine learning to better match applicants to roles",Amazon~Amazon stops using machine learning program to evaluate job candidates based on historical resume datasets due to gender bias,CV Compiler~CV Compiler analyses technical resumes and recommends improvements using machine learning

Potential Vendors

ideal,Harver,CV Complier


Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product Type - NLP - Text Mining,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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