AI Use Case

Automate cybersecurity systems

Utilise learning systems to effectivel and swiftly respond to security threats, many of which may have been delivered with machine learning support. This is a game where every innovation in defence triggers the next innovation in attack - and vice versa.


Information Technology



Risk reduction - Reduce data theft risk,Risk reduction - Malware reduction,Operational - Increased machine uptime

Case Studies

Metropolitan Pathologists (MetroPath)~MetroPath mitigates cyber threats using Darktrace's network monitoring and machine learning,Quickplay (AT&T)~Quickplay safeguards its data and interconnected systems with Darktrace’s AI-enabled cyber security product,The Scottish Government~The Scottish Government is protecting its sensitive data against cyber threats using machine learning,DNK~DNK protects its system from cyber threats and proactively defends it with a self-learning threat detection solution,United World College of South East Asia~United World College of South East Asia is providing security to its digital education by tackling cyber threats using machine learning,United Service Organizations (USO)~USO predicts cyber attacks using machine learning to analyse activity at network end points,Servizi in Rete~Servizi in Rete detects cyber-security threats in real-time using unsupervised machine learning to classify every action in the network,British Telecom~British Telecom improves network security by using machine learning to detect real-time cyber threats,"Giunti~Giunti, an Italian publishing house, detects cybersecurity threats in real-time using machine learning",NovAtel~NovAtel plans to reduce hacking risk through its GPS services to vehicles through deploying Darktrace's AI-enabled security software,Tencent~Tencent detects malware on Android phones in real-time using deep neural networks


Public And Social Sector


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

Potential Vendors