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AI Use Case

Automate interviewing via video to scan for pre-determined characteristics

Automatically assess candidates, including emotions, from automated video interviews.


Human Resources



Cost - Job automation,Operational - Process speed up,Operational - Candidate selection,Other - Reduce unconscious bias

Case Studies

"Unilever~Unilever saved over 50,000 hours in candidate interview time and delivered over £1M annual savings and improved candidate diversity with machine analysis of video-based interviewing.","Goldman Sachs~Goldman Sachs widens graduate interview pool, and streamlines the processing of them, with first round job interviews conducted using video analysis",Hilton Hotels and Resorts~Hilton Hotels and Resorts improves hire rates by 40% using video intelligence platform to hire 1000s for their Hilton Reservations and customer care

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product - Video Interviewing,Product Type - Vision - Face Emotion,Product Type - Speech - Emotion Detection,Product Type - NLP - Text Classification

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