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AI Use Case

Automate key workflow steps in the M&A process

Automate key workflow steps in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) process (e.g. document capture) . Banks such as Goldman Sachs can reduce reliance on relatively expensive staff doing low value-add tasks.


Corporate Programme Management

Corporate Programme Management


Cost - Job automation,Operational - Process speed up

Case Studies

Aviva~Aviva accelerates from 400 to 10 days post-merger organisational planning and employee data integration with the use of machine learning,Portolano Cavallo~Portolano Cavallo reduces manual document review time by 33% for merger and acquisition due diligence using Luminance's machine learning platform,SoftBank~SoftBank accelerates due diligence of ARM acquisition by reducing patent portfolio searching from weeks to day using machine learning,Thomson Reuters~Thomson Reuters expedites the remediation process by 30% for clients using a machine-learning contract analytics platform

Potential Vendors



Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Text

AI Technologies

Traditional AI,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Annotation

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