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AI Use Case

Automate point of sale

Self-checkout systems, also known as cashierless, cashier-free or automated checkouts, have increasing functionality built in to them - some of it increasingly powered by AI.



Field Services


Cost - Job automation,Operational - Robotic Process Automation

Case Studies

DeepMagic~DeepMagic offers a fully automated retail pop-up store which uses facial and image recognition to identify customers and determine what they pick up and put down,Standard Cognition~Standard Cognition aims to predict and prevent shoplifting in supermarkets using machine vision

Potential Vendors

Standard Cognition


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product Type - Vision ,Product Type - Vision - Object detection,Product Type - Vision - Object tracking,Product Type - Vision - Face Identification,Product Type - Vision - Face Detection,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Annotation

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