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AI Use Case

Automate preparation of data for inclusion in analytics platform

Take data from raw formats with data quality problems and develop in to a clean, ready to analyse and deploy format. This may be as simple as mismatching Excel columns or the aggregation of completely different data sources and types. Linking object IDs is key - hence human reinforcement and tagging potentially part of the data management process.



Data Science


Data - Data mapping / labelling,Data - Text mapping,Data - Data cleansing

Case Studies

Shell~Shell plans to automate information extraction from internal documents to collate answers to operational problems using Maana's Knowledge Platform ,"AstraZeneca~AstraZeneca improves internal management of its global data sources through organisation, search and information extraction using an AI platform","LeasePlan UK~LeasePlan, a vehicle management group in the UK, simulates different models to see cost distribution across various dimensions to decide which changes are optimal","Dun & Bradstreet~Dun & Bradstreet saves 10,000 hours of work annually by using natural language processing to categorise five million firms in its directory"

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Text

AI Technologies

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