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AI Use Case

Automate responses to candidate questions during recruitment and enhance candidate engagement

Automating responses to questions candidates have regarding the position and company during the application process to help assessment of position and candidate fit potential earlier on


Human Resources



Cost - Job automation,Operational - Process speed up,Operational - Candidate selection

Case Studies

Buzzfeed~BuzzFeed attracts more suitable job candidates through recruitment response automation using uses IBM Watson and Uncubed,The Adecco Group~The Adecco Group deploys a recruiting chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify suitable candidates and to handle communication,Indigo~Indigo improves candidate experience and cuts hiring costs by 71% using machine learning

Potential Vendors

Uncubed,IBM Watson,Mya Systems,ideal


Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product - Conversational agents,Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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