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AI Use Case

Automate review of contracts such as NDAs

Automate contract reviewing spotting errors, omissions and risks.


Legal And Compliance



Cost - Job automation,Operational Support - Issue / outlier ID,Risk reduction - Reduced legal exposure

Case Studies

LawGeex~The LawGeex AI algorithm outperforms human lawyers by 9% in identifying issues with historic non-disclosure agreements,DXC Technology~DXC Technology has increased new business wins by 20% by automating with a contract management platform,Baker McKenzie~Baker McKenzie plans to automate part of due diligence via machine learning contract review platform,BA-HR~BA-HR reduces legal document review time by a third using a machine learning platform,Deloitte~Deloitte saves between 20-90% time in reviewing complex documents such as contracts using machine learning

Potential Vendors

ContractRoom,eBrevia,Luminance,Kira Systems


Professional Services


Data Sets


AI Technologies

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