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AI Use Case

Automate sales conversations through a text chatbot

Automate sales text conversations through a chatbot enabling potential for simplified, high-volume sales



Customer Management


Revenue - Sales effectiveness improvement,Cost - Job automation

Case Studies

Flipkart~Flipkart increases online cart orders by 12% after implementing the Mira chatbot to help customers,OCBC Bank~OCBC Bank text chatbot closes SGD70m in home loans,1-800 Flowers~1-800 Flowers deploys chatbots to offer a personalised gift buying experience that will increase customer engagement and sales,KLM~KLM introduces conversational agent to help customers book plane tickets and create packing lists,"Jaeger-LeCoultre~Jaeger-LeCoultre offers personalised recommendations that match items in cart or those bought previously, using chatbot service",TicketMaster~TicketMaster uses conversational voice and text chatbots to improve event searching and ticket sales experience,RapidMiner~RapidMiner conducts a thousand text chatbots monthly identifying hot leads and improving customer service responsiveness,"Epson~Epson America automatically follows up on 50,000 annual leads and generates 75% more qualified leads with the use of email conversational agents ",Facebook~Facebook shuts down its virtual assistant chabot experiment as it proves it cannot live up to the difficulty of the tasks it is asked to perform,WestJet~WestJet introduces a customer service chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Potential Vendors

Microsoft Azure,IBM Watson,Google,Dialogflow,Facebook,Dialogflow,Facebook,Facebook


Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product - Chatbots,Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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