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AI Use Case

Automate software coding, testing and production deployment

AI writes code autonomously usually within set parameters to enable rapid scaling of new applications and tools


Information Technology



Cost - Job automation,Operational - Faster system build / test / deploy

Case Studies

Rice University~Rice University researchers are developing an application that writes Java API code snippets using deep learning,Expedia ~Expedia Affiliate Network optimises resource utilization and deploys changes 50% faster by constant monitoring of cloud-hosted applications using machine learning,H&R Block~H&R Block improves filing acceptance rates by 10% by monitoring the performance of its online tax filing application and user experience using machine learning,Trek Bicycle~Trek Bicycle reduces error rates in its website and bike sharing app services from 8-14% to <1% using machine learning to monitor anomalies in real-time,Uizard~Uizard uses deep learning to generate lines of code from images of graphical user interfaces with 77% accuracy,"Capgemini~Capgemini improves software development productivity and quality by using machine learning driven ""low-code development""",Electronic Arts~Electronic Arts is developing an AI agent which can test for quality assurance during video game production by learning to play against humans, saves 80% testing time by automating user interface testing across different devices and platforms using visual validation tools , to offer interpretable ready-to-deploy deep learning and machine learning algorithms for enterprises to enable a faster transition to AI

Potential Vendors

New Relic,New Relic,New Relic,Mendix,Applitools,



Software And It Services

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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