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AI Use Case

Create new products

Determine whether there are new product opportunities by rethinking data and tools.


R And D

Product Management


Revenue - New product,Revenue - New service

Case Studies

Imperial College London~Imperial College London researchers aim at designing a device that will improve dialysis procedure for patients using machine learning,Stanley Black & Decker~Stanley Black & Decker reduces product creation lead times and costs with machine learning generative design software ,Charlottesville’s Champion Brewing company~Champion Brewing uses machine learning to create what they consider the perfect IPA beer - the ML IPA,"Under Armour~Under Armour is leveraging machine vision and learning to provide UA Record™ app users with enhanced coaching on sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition",Monsanto~Monsanto plans to speed up crop protection product development using Atomwise's convolutional neural network technology for molecule interaction discovery ,Choosy~Choosy plans to design and sell apparel according to popular social media trends ,Monsanto~Monsanto plans to increase agriculture product research using Second Genome to predict outcomes of protein use ,Myntra~Myntra automates entire design process of t-shirts for its in-house brands using neural networks,Stitch Fix~StitchFix designs clothes for underserved customer segments using genetic algorithms,Autodesk~Autodesk redesigned iconic Scandinavian design chair achieving 18% less volume; 90% decrease in max displacement; and 79% in von Mises stress with generative design model ,IUT Annecy~IUT Annecy aims to beat the current record for the fastest bicycle travelling across flat road by creating the optimal aerodynamic design using machine learning,MIT~MIT Researchers design tool to optimise product designs according to optimal efficiencies and performance objectives ,Proven~Proven offers personalised skincare products with the use of machine learning,Symrise~Symrise creates new fragrances using deep neural networks,Little House Kitchen~Little House Kitchen executes cupcake recipes created with a recurrent neural network

Potential Vendors

Autodesk,IBM Watson,Autodesk,Neural Concept,IBM Research,Tiny Giant,Sharpshooter


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Algorithm - Genetic,ML Task - Prediction - Generation

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