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AI Use Case

Create visual art

It is a matter of debate what the nature of creativity is. If it is to gather multiple inputs and then to combine these to deliver a new take - in this case as a piece of art, whether painted, digitally created or even scuplted with basic robotic functionality - then this is creativity. If creativity requires emotion or understanding then this is not it.



Other - Changed PR

Case Studies

Magenta~Magenta creates an app which predicts next steps and finishes sketches started by human users,Luke Halls Studio~Lion spews out poetry in Trafalgar Square using deep learning for London Design Week,"Obvious~Obvious' artists create the first GAN-generated artwork to be auctioned and sold for $432,500 ","Rutgers University ~Rutgers researchers' AICAN system created art that sold for $16,000 at auction using a generative adversarial network",Weirdcode~Weirdcode creates hallucinatory visuals for video clips using neural networks,Salvador Dalí Museum~The Salvador Dalí Museum enhances visitor experience through a lifelike of the artist on screens throughout the museum,Artist Ben Snell~Artist Ben Snell models sculpture using machine learning

Potential Vendors

Google,Transfusion AI,Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P)


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Data Sets


AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Generation,Machine Learning (ML)

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