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AI Use Case

Deliver "digital human" conversational interface with customers in physical locations

Conduct "digital human" conversational interface with customers in physical locations (e.g. banks such as Natwest, soul machines). The aim is to provide effectively online functionality via some form of automated, robotic interface.



Channel Marketing


Cost - Job automation

Case Studies

Macys~Macy’s launches an in-store shopping assistant to help shoppers find information using conversational agents,"Whole Foods~Whole Foods enhances shopping experience at physical stores by using chatbots to offer recipes with ingredients in the aisle, easier search option with emojis etc.",Hourglass Cosmetics~Hourglass Cosmetics debuts an interactive way to demonstrate its flagship product's virtual skin perfection using a virtual hologram assistant,"The North Face~The North Face offers customers a personalised, engaging virtual shopping experience using chatbot and machine learning","Lowes~Lowes introduced Lowebot, a retail robot, to help customers and scan inventory in real-time to locate product or price discrepancies"

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson,Satisfi,Vntana,IBM Watson,Fluid,Fellow Robots


Financial Services


Data Sets


AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - NLP - Natural Language Understanding,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),ML Task - Prediction - Generation,Audio - Sentiment Analysis,Product Type - NLP - Tonality Analysis

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