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AI Use Case

Deploy robots to replace human staff

Robotics can automate many route activities that typically require human actions. This is inevitably a very broad use case and the requirements will vary - from reducing potential physical risk to humans, to maximise process uptime or simply to reduce variable costs. These will drive different configurations of project.



General Operations


Cost - Job automation,Operational - Robotic Process Automation,Risk reduction - Reduce environmental physical risk

Case Studies

FANUC~FANUC will offer advanced manufacturing capabilities by enhancing industrial robots with deep learning,Airbus~Airbus is offering a virtual assistant for astronauts that gives companionship and expert advice while in space through a neural network based astronaut assistance system,University of Lincoln~Researchers from the University of Lincoln have built a learning computer system to early detect potentially harmful flaws in production and packaging of potatoes,Defence Advanced Research Agency~DARPA simulates flight and landing of Boeing 737 by an AI-driven robot co-pilot,ExxonMobil~ExxonMobil plans to automate hydrocarbon discovery by developing deepwater exploration robots in partnership with MIT,Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance~Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance expects to save $1.2m a year from salaries by replacing 34 employees with an AI system that calculates insurance payouts.,Walgreens~Walgreens boosted efficiency in the HR shared services group by 73% with RPA,"Henn-na Hotel~Henn-na Hotel withdraws robot staff as they annoy guests, fail to provide customer service and break down",Walmart~Walmart deploys smart assistants for floor stuff to optimise operations and improve customer service

Potential Vendors

Nvidia,IBM Watson,MIT ,IBM Watson,Blue Prism


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Product Type - Robotics,Product Type - Vision ,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning ,Model Architecture - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN),Product Type - Vision - Object tracking,Product Type - Vision - Semantic segmentation,Product Type - Vision - Instance segmentatiuon,Product Type - Vision - Object detection

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